I think I turn 35 soon. I’m being dramatic. Of course I know how old I will be and I know when, although I make the point because it did catch me out a couple of weeks ago. For a moment I had to work it out was I 34 or 35? Anyway a birthday … Continue reading

FantasyCon 2010

Day One Welcome to Fantasycon, or should I say Fanasycon… or  should I say Fansycon. After a pleasant enough drive from North Herts (barring the 20mins stand still on the A14 – officially my worst road in Britain) I checked into my hotel (no I wasn’t even near the Britannia, long story lets skip that). … Continue reading

Extraordinary Engines

It took a while (I stopped halfway and read other things), but I’ve just finished reading Extraordinary Engines edited by Nick Gevers. I’m fairly sure that a lot of you will be aware of this book because, lets face it, there are very few collections of Steampunk stories. In fact I’ve only come across two … Continue reading

Lady Luck Schmuck

Who believes it all about luck then? “It’s all luck. Harrisson Ford sawing a bit of wood in front of Lucas and bang next minute… Yeah read biographies of all the great actors, directors, writers… I guarantee you’ll see their chance came about through some massively fortuitous meeting!” Hmmm well yes perhaps, but perhaps it’s … Continue reading

Dan Abnett @ BSFA

I better get the confession out of the way right at the beginning. I subscribed to The Dandy for many years as a youth, but either it didn’t spark my interest in branching out to the rest of the comic world or I never found myself in the right circles. Suffice to say I never … Continue reading