Spectral Press

What They Hear In The Dark by Gary McMahon reviewed by Kai Savage Gary McMahon has an uncanny knack for getting inside the heads of his characters and creating highly believable personalities. Set in the shell of a house under refurbishment and in the shell of a marriage destroyed by tragedy, there is literally no … Continue reading

Sam Stone – Interview

The third instalment of Sam Stone’s Vampire Gene trilogy has recently been published by The House Of Murky Depths. An original and compelling addition to the vampire oeuvre with which any fan of Horror or Fantasy should make themselves acquainted. Each book adds something new to the genre and the three books as a whole … Continue reading

Tourniquet: Tales From The Renegade City – Kim Lakin-Smith

There is a lot to be said for the Dan Brown approach to writing; shaving the fat off, pacy story-lines, each chapter a cliffhanger etc. Most of us are into our genre fiction because we enjoy a rip-roaring read, we want to immerse ourselves in a story that will carry us along a breakneck speed … Continue reading

NewCon 5

I’m falling behind again! I currently have three blog posts jostling for position (not to mention the unfinished short stories). The last few days have been a bit of a wash out, sync, returning from NewCon I’ve found myself somewhat under-the-weather. I have been assured that this is common for conventions, although I seemed to … Continue reading


I think I turn 35 soon. I’m being dramatic. Of course I know how old I will be and I know when, although I make the point because it did catch me out a couple of weeks ago. For a moment I had to work it out was I 34 or 35? Anyway a birthday … Continue reading