Goodbye For Now

Dear All

For various personal reasons, most of which I don’t want to go into here (I’m sure if I had actually made it to FantasyCon today I would have been having many drunken conversations about most it with most of you, this at least allows me to be slightly more sedate about the whole proceeding) I am officially retiring from my online presence. This is instead of me just not being around for most the year with everyone wondering where I have been.

I’m not usually this personal in public, but there are a lot of people probably looking for explanations and I have been so reclusive for months that they are long over due.

I separated from my wife near the beginning of the year, which has affected me in more ways than I cared to admit. On a practical level it has left me spending much of the year unemployed and for some of it near to homeless. None of this is intended to be sensationalist in the slightest and I’m not pretending my life has been any worse than many others over the course of this year. In fact it’s almost entirely my fault. My energy levels and confidence have been practically impossible to raise and I’ve allowed myself to despair.

This has to change, but for now I’m removing myself from the scene. When I return it will probably be under some rebranding, until then I shall be keeping abreast of what everyone is up to.

Thanks to you all.

2 Responses to “Goodbye For Now”
  1. Hope things improve for you over the next year…

  2. Really sorry to hear about your break up (I’m not at FantasyCon either so sedate suits me). It can be so hard to climb out of those dark, tangled places, and not being able to makes it darker than ever. Baby steps, small goals, that’s all I can recommend. And a padlock on the whisky! Pulling back sounds a great plan. The internet’s over-rated anyway. I wish you well. And I hope it isn’t too long before things start getting better and there’s light again. KLx

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