NewCon 5

I’m falling behind again! I currently have three blog posts jostling for position (not to mention the unfinished short stories). The last few days have been a bit of a wash out, sync, returning from NewCon I’ve found myself somewhat under-the-weather. I have been assured that this is common for conventions, although I seemed to miss the bout of illnesses that FantasyCon spawned!

So I had me a good time at NewCon anyway. It was lovely to meet some more twitter friends; Kim and Del Lakin-Smith, Emma Jane Davies and Saxon Bullock, sorry to all of you for my general impersonation of a dullard, my brain was full of fluff. Kim I finished the book after I got back, post due tomorrow, one of the richest stories I’ve read in a while.

NewCon is a quieter (colder) event than FantasyCon, but in a strange way that allowed me to ‘take my time’ a little more and was able to spend larger chunks of time with various people. In particular it was lovely to speak to Mike Shevdon again and a privilege to spend a couple of hours with Marc Gascoigne. A fun evening was had on the Saturday as well in the company of Sam Stone, David Howe and, Terry and Liz Martin. Although my very bored daughter did take to sleeping on the floor of the hotel bar. After teaching the bar staff what a calypso was we settled down with said drinks and Irish Coffees until a much desired sleep.

The next morning I woke up about half five feeling very congested so at about 8am thought I would start writing for the flash fiction competition. Wrote a bit, had a shower, wrote a bit, had breakfast, wrote a bit and then rushed it in for the 11am deadline. I was shocked and pleased to discover at the closing ceremony that I had won and a grand award it is to. I know it may only seem a small thing, but winning something like that does a great deal of good for ones confidence!

There were some good panel discussions: the real interview by Tom Hunter with Pat Cadigan and the not-so-real, but highly amusing one of Paul McAuley by Ian Watson. I particularly enjoyed the discussion about YA fiction and how different is it from adult and the Celtic Fantasy vs Vampire Fiction, even though the panellists had been somewhat culled and reanimated in new guises.

Lastly I point out the absolute pleasure it is to see Donna Scott perform, I thought her poetry was witty, insightful and delivered with impish brilliance.


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