There’s Not Enough Alchemists Anymore.

I read a couple of great short stories today.

Adam Christopher’s The Nightmare Of You And Death In The Room is featured in the latest issue of Hub and is well worth a read. It is cleverly constructed, playing a very different tune with some of todays possibly overplayed notes.

About halfway through issue five of the BFS’ New Horizons, there is a story by Douglas Thompson called A Doctrine Of Signatures. It deals with two things that interest me greatly; plants and Alchemy/Folklore (apologies to @Ghostfinder for the use of the semi-colon there). The story is told from a slightly reportage perspective and is, I believe, part of a larger work soon to be released. It’s long been an ongoing aspect of my work to try and include, modernise or regress back to many of the folk stories from the British Isles, including stories of alchemists and mythological figures. It was pleasing to see such an original take on some of the ancient herbal lore.

I am planning an anthology based on related subjects, which I shall post more about later because I shall require your help.

2 Responses to “There’s Not Enough Alchemists Anymore.”
  1. Douglas T says:

    Glad you liked “Signatures” in NH5, Kai, and thanks for mentioning it here. Did we meet at Fantasycon? It’s all a blur. “Sylvow” with that story literally at the centre of it, is out now from Eibonvale, it might give you a buzz, would love to hear what you make of it. Your anthology idea sounds interesting…

    • kaisavage says:

      Hi Douglas… not as such. I was at the small (nay independent) press panel discussion and contributed a little from the audience, but I wouldn’t expect you to remember me from that. Actually it was only when I got back from FC that I realised you were the one and same author from the story. As you say the event was a blur and for me I met so many new people. I did indeed check out all sorts of goodies on Eibonvale’s table and shall be getting hold of Sylvow soon.

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