It Happens From Time To Time

Hello all, did you miss me?

Where did the summer go? Wow, seriously, that’s three months I can just cross straight out of my ‘goals for the year’ time quotient. I started the year so well as well.

The story so far…

At the beginning of the year I had decided (as it mentions on my goals page) to write a short story a month, I had decided in my spare hours to work on my novel, I had decided (for this year) to not work on any scripts. From January to May all went to plan, heck I even managed to chat away with you all on Twitter. Then at the beginning of June I went up to North Wales to check out my mums new house and do an intensive driving course.

I passed!

As soon as I returned there was a proposal from a good director friend of my to write two treatments in order to pitch to the BBC by the 16th of August. Yes I know I said no scripts, but he’s a good friend and the projects are quite exciting and well I’m still not very good at saying no. Those of you that do Twitter with me will be well aware of the last two days leading up to that deadline. It was close but they were both ready and tweaked-to-the-hilt on time.

However, no matter how much I’m looking forward to the idea of developing even one of those projects and no matter how much I think the projects are worth my time and effort I could not believe how much I was straining to get back to my website and my prose. Since I got back from Wales, the film work seemed to take up my every waking hour, so much so that I didn’t ever twitter (now how hard can that be?), didn’t help that my computer blew up (@ghostfinder I’m now a Mac user).

Sometimes I can multitask, but on occasions, usually when I’m working to a deadline with a collaborator, I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but the job in hand. It’s true that I also become a sullen, grumpy non-communicative bastard. The Lauren Beukes event at the George was wonderful and it was great to meet new people, but to Lou, Helen, Martin and Lauren, sorry if I seemed an unsociable ****.

Anyway this is a quick blog to get things started here again, more to come soon about the London Screenwriters Festival and Fantasycon.

2 Responses to “It Happens From Time To Time”
  1. loummorgan says:

    “a sullen, grumpy non-communicative bastard”

    Isn’t that what writers are supposed to be like? Particularly when they’re driving and cannot drink beer?

    (And you weren’t, by the way)

  2. kaisavage says:

    Aw thanks one suspects I must have been fishing for a comment like that. At least that’s what my shrink would tell me.

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