TTA Press

Today I’m going to plug a publication, which brings me a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction every month. TTA Press are based in the UK and are primarily responsible for three outstanding collections of short stories and novellas, published (apart from Crimewave) on a monthly basis.

The stories are of a really high calibre and is probably the UK’s premiere addition to the field. (I think even in the states Interzone is ranked about number 6 – I’ve lost the source for this piece of information though).

Interzone caters to Science Fiction, Black Static to Horror and Crimewave (which is more of a book published quarterly) features Crime novellas. ¬†Get on over to the website and place a subscription, you won’t be disappointed.

Small Press publications and ‘Zines’ are essential to our industry and hide absolute gems that pass the majority of readers by, even many fans of particular genres don’t think to check out the short stories available to them. I have links to a number of the smaller presses out there in my Small Press section at the top of the site. I’m always looking to add more.

What are some of your favourite magazines and why?

2 Responses to “TTA Press”
  1. Roy says:

    Sorry Crimewave tends to be a yearly these days but still good. You and anyone else can get free podcasts of stories from all three at Transmissions From Beyond.

  2. kaisavage says:

    Thank you for the amendment Roy, great link!

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