A Great Eight

I’ve composed a list of eight writers that are exciting me at the moment. These are not all new writers on the scene and it’s by no means a who’s who, but based on recent writings I feel they are names I want to share with the rest of you who may not yet have had the pleasure of reading them.

In no particular order:

Sean Logan – Sean’s recent short story, Tenent’s Rights is just about the funniest gross-out story I have ever read. Reading this from the perspective of a short filmmaker it was a story that immediately made me think ‘I want to make the film’.

Angel Leigh McCoy – Also appearing in Vile Things is Angel’s story, Coquettrice. Already with a number of short stories under her belt and an experienced games writer, Angel is definitely one to look out for in the future. A blend of beautiful prose and gut-wrenching imagery, this is as much an ecological study as it is a story.

Paul Finch – Ex-policeman Paul Finch has written over 300 short stories as well as novels, screenplays and a stint writing for The Bill. I have a deep interest in all things old-English-and-folky and Paul’s short The Old Traditions Are Best pushed all the right buttons for me.

Sarah Pinborough – I knew very little about Sarah Pinborough until I read a short of hers – Our Man In The Sudan. A beautifully evocative piece it made me want to seek out more of her work. Turns out she has just published A Matter Of Blood (her seventh novel) so there is plenty to be catching up on.

Sarah Singleton – After reading Death By Water in Black Static, I had to find out more about Sarah’s writing. Again it turns out that this is an author who already has a number of novels under her belt. She writes mainly young adult books and they look fantastic.

Alison J Littlewood – Another writer who intrigues me can be found in the next edition of Black Static. Her story The Empty Spaces is short and evocative. What I like here is she uses the short story form to great effect, not making things too complicated just focussing on one clever idea and bringing us deep into the lives of the characters at the same time.

Nina Allan – Such tender prose. I can’t wait to read more of Nina’s work. She has a collection of stories with Eibonvale Press, which I am going to seek out. Flying In The Face Of God is apparently the second of her stories to be set in the same world and what a world it is. Rich with very deep characters.

Kaaron Warren – If you haven’t read Slights yet, read it. I am currently reading The World House at the moment by Guy Adams, which is also published by Angry Robot making them (in my opinion) one of the best talent spotters in the genre. I’m going to seem weird here, but I love Stevie, the first person narrative is told with such honesty and care that I couldn’t help really empathising with her. Yes she may well be a serial killer, but… well read it see if you disagree.

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