The New Look

The style change is in conjuction with a slightly more stream-lined approach to this blog.

I have three specific projects on right now:

  1. A collection of twelve short Horror stories to be completed by the end of the year. It is my aim to have a least four of them published before the year is out. Beyond that hopefully I can collect them together in a book.
  2. A Horror novel. This is a supernatural thriller, which does not yet have an exceedingly sctrict deadline. For now I am tending to write this towards the end of a month when I have completed that months short story. [On the wonderful advice of Angel].
  3. A Young Adult novel (sci fi). This is the first in a trilogy concept that I have had knocking around for quite a while. I had ideas to create scripts from the stories, but I want to write it in novel form first. This project has a more strict deadline than the previous. As for a specific date, I haven’t set that yet.

So why do the projects that I’m working on demand a change to my blog layout? I am a genre writer! There I’ve said it! For me that’s almost a bit alcoholics anonymous – ‘my names Kai and I’m a genre writer’. Specifically the areas that interest me fall loosely into Horror (based around the occult, folklore or just the plain weird), Sci Fi (Steampunk/Cyberpunk) and Fantasy. It seems sensible then that what I write here should try to stick to these topics.

In the past my blogs have been somewhat vague and diary-like, whereas I want to be a little more informative now (if I can). For example those of you familiar with the Horror market may be aware of the controversy surrounding James Coopers In Conversation: A Writers Perspective. The book managed to avoid a single interview with a female writer prompting the then chairman of the British Fantasy Society to issue an appology for ‘unconsious sexism’. Not really in answer to this at all I will be publishing a list of writers in the field that are really exciting me at the moment and in stark contrast to James Cooper the majority of mine are female.

Anyway this weekend I have to finish writing a story called Her Next Door, so you shall just have to wait patiently until after the weekend before you can read my list.

P.S. You may wish to gaze towards the top of the screen where it says – Small Press & Publishing – I shall be adding to this as time goes on, but you may find the links useful for SF, Fantasy & Horror resources.

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