It’s all about politics huh!

So the blues won, (with the help of/at the expense of?) the oranges?

Sorry that was Chelsea’s 8-0 victory over Wigan.

I’ve been pretty politically uninterested for a number of years now (after being a highly opinionated youth), but I have to admit that this election has actually caused me to have BBC 24 on pretty much 24/4. Prior to the election my ‘guide to the election’ was a rather jokey one:

1. Are you extremely rich? Then why are you voting Conservative?

2. Do you live in a marginal? If not there’s little point voting.

3. Quoting Robert Anton Wilson – ‘It doesn’t matter who you vote for you’ll always end up with a government’.

Well I have to admit my stance is somewhat less flippant now. We do find ourselves in quite an exciting time of potential electoral, political and economic change.

It’s not my aim or desire to really comment on politics here though and I do apologise for the huge gaps between posts, but it has arisen due to the fact that I am writing a great deal right now.

I am more active over here [RCL] right now, if you’re interested. There’s no reason why you should be though because at the moment it centers around a series of CDs full of music and spoken word that are posted out to a select few. Soon I hope it will expand into a more diverse art-related site.

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