I went along to the NFTS industry screening on Thursday, before their graduation the following day and got to see for the very first time the film that I worked on as a script consultant. I think its the first time I’ve been involved in a project where I’ve not seen any of the production or post-production. It was quite strange making that leap from working with the words on a page to seeing the final piece up on the screen. I think the director, Philippe Leone, did an incredible job with Supertramp. Reminded me of Takeshi Kitano with the placement of great heart and compassion in amongst scenes of gut-wrenching violence.

I’m back to my short stories this weekend and putting the final touches to RCL, my monthly music and spoken-word project, but the event really gave me the bug for getting my teeth into my next script. Hopefully I shall hear soon about the film hopefully to be shot this August, even if not though I’ve plenty of ideas to be getting on with.

So far I’m liking 2010 got a feeling it’s going to be quite fruitful.

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