Music For Another World

I found a call for submissions, not that long ago, to an anthology with a really interesting angle. It’s called Music For Another World and is looking for fantasy/Sci Fi stories with a focus on music. Being someone whose writing is heavily influenced by music I naturally found this intriguing and have been working on a story to submit. I’m hoping to have it tidied up over the weekend and ready to send, other jobs permitting.

How much does music affect your writing?

The very first short script I wrote was based on two separate songs and I literally wrote the piece to the beat and mood and theme of the music. I have written like that many times since, using tempos and beats of songs in my head to track out the action and mood on the page. It is usually scripts that I work with in this way, but occasionally it slips into my prose also.

As some of you will know my favourite theme, which turns up again and again in my writing, is memory and for me music is just about the strongest catalyst to stir up memories that there is.

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