Surviving February

Fingers-crossed, touch-wood and all that unjinxing malarky… but so far, this year, February has been unable to sink it’s foul claws into me and inject the usual poisons of lethargy and depression. I am usual pretty S.A.D. this time of year, more to do with lack of light and associated vitamin E than the shit on the TV, but this year, for some unknown reason, I’ve remained pretty much in control of my mood swings – you know, being grumpy when I choose!

I’m going to get all twee and nature boy on you now, but I went for a walk on the heath today and it felt well and truely like the first day of spring…

I have to quickly clarify here. I was out of action the last two days, so before you tell me the glorious sunshine had already arrived before the 17th, I was unaware of it. Midday on Monday I was in a development meeting, by five I had got off the train and was writing up a treatment to be sent off first thing next morning, by six everything was rapidly leaving my body from both ends. I have not had food poisoning for a very long time and I hope there is at least a similar gap between my next bout.

But despite even that (and I got the treatment done by the way), February failed to take the skip from my stride.

…It was warm and the sun, low in the sky, had set the whole heath off in a shimmering golden haze. And it was so quiet. It was as if, it was so early in February that no one could possibly believe that there would be good weather outside. We have never had the place so much to ourselves and birdsong. My daughter and I watched the antics of Great Tits, Chaffinches and Skylarks, before hearing the cry of a Great Spotted Woodpecker and followed it into the Beech Woods.

My daughter managed to pull off a bit of a Simon King and tapped out a tune with a stick on a nearby trunk, getting the territorial beauty to fly quite close to us.

Returning home I felt chuffed, I’ve beaten the February blues for the first time in years… it’s almost as if my prediction that this decade can only be better than the last is already paying dividends.

Rest of this week to enjoy the half-term hols with my daughter and then a number of deadlines before the month is out. need to get a chapter of my book finished, a short story and issue two of RCL (a project amongst those close to me that I might bring into a public arena, once I’ve ironed out the wrinkles).

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