The loneliness of the long-distance writer

There is something even more isolating when writing prose as opposed to writing for screen. As far as I can tell nothing much has really changed in my working day or my attitude to writing, but I’m feeling very distanced from things right now. Partly it is to do with the time of year, I have the seasonal slog through February to look forward to, which is always a particular bind for me. Partly though, it must be to do with the autocratic (almost… well certainly at this stage) nature of novel writing. With a script there always seem to be so many other people to discuss things with or defer to.

The solitude and control is both refreshing and unnerving.

After a great deal of note-taking and making (this book idea has been in the background for close to ten years now) I have finally started the actual writing and should be wrapping up on chapter two by the end of the week. From that point on I shall try to comment on the writing process as the book develops.

I shall be taking the same approach I have tried to implement with my scripts. Writing each chapter with minimal corrections and moving forward without reviewing any of the material. I work much better when I have a completed document to then go back over and correct. If I keep looking back and trying to correct things as I go, I never get anywhere.

Anyway, hopefully when February is out of the way I can crawl out from under my stone/laptop/blanket and say hello to some of you guys again.

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