Nothing but updates.

Second day of advent and that means it’s pretty much New Year and all the resolutions and promises, which that brings. It also means that December can end up being a pretty unproductive month. We either put things off because it’s so near New Year; we think ‘I’ll start it then, fresh start and all that’. Or we find ourselves overcome with all the Christmas planning, trips to the family, working harder to save up for presents etc.

Right now I’m about to get my teeth stuck into another feature. I think over the last year or so I discovered that I really do love writing features more than other forms of screenplay. It doesn’t have so much to do with the form as much as the amount of time I get to spend with the project. A lot of people can find it quite a drag to be on the same project for too long, but I tend to find a script of this kind of length ages like a good wine. It becomes a familiar friend and the more you put into the relationship the more it gives back.

This Friday I have a couple of meetings. One is to do with the feature and one is to do with the short film project I have on the go. The rewrite on this script should be interesting, it is almost at a stage where it can go into production now, so a lot will be purely cosmetic. I have a couple of ideas though which should strengthen it and I’m quite excited about getting on with that.

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