So where from here?

Now that the furore of the Screenwriters Festival is starting to die down and real life slowly seeps back into these old writer’s bones, it’s time to sit back and evaluate what I have learnt and what the next steps from here are?

Before I begin I should point out that this isn’t going to be a guide to festival. For a start, although I was certainly in a very advantageous position in many respects, I wasn’t really in any position to get a detailed overview. Ask me how to DJ between weblinks to DVD’s to Powerpoints in venue 7, or how to find Julian Friedmann after another walkabout session or how to hold multiple conversations at once, both in person and on the radio then I’m your man. If you want to know the simplicities of what a Euroscript session was like, forget it!

So if you do want to have a guide to the festival I recommend this one by Ellin Stein.


I started writing this blog a few days after I got back from the festival and then work struck so this blog will most certainly NOT be a guide to the festival or much to do with the festival at all anymore. In the world of media SWF was so mid autumn 2009. Not true at all of course. The festival was a fantastic experience for me and is one of the biggest dates in a screenwriters diary, but in an ever-evolving universe those who stand still move backwards.

I had the opportunity to work in Bristol on Being Human and low and behold, what should I discover but that an old friend of mine has been cast in the new series.

I cast her in a short film back in 2005 and then over the years we slowly fell out of touch (more to do with the fact that I had a couple of years in the wilderness). She is the hugely talented Amy Manson and I was absolutely delighted to see her doing so well, cast as Lizzie Siddal in Desperate Romantics.

So where from here?

Well it’s difficult to say, but after reading an interview in Fujifilm’s Exposure magazine about another film school peer of mine – Richard Perry – I feel the class of 05/06 is about to have it’s time in the sun. Richard is one of the hardest working people you are likely to meet and has just shot his debut feature pretty much off his own back. Looks like it will be a cracker and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

So what does all this mean for me?

I guess if I partake in the shining star of the 05/06 elite, I hope it will be for writing. I’m currently working on a short, which we shall be shooting in the next few months. This is going to be a full-blown festival piece more on this later. On top of that I have a couple of features in interested hands, one of which is a martial arts script, which would be shot in Thailand if it goes ahead. As far as the future is concerned I have two primary projects right now, one is a series of young adult novels and the other is the first in a trilogy of fantasy/realism feature scripts.

I’ll keep you posted.

2 Responses to “So where from here?”
  1. Excellent stuff! It all boils down to hard work, doesn’t it? Keep at it.

  2. kaisavage says:

    It’s crazy isn’t it… it ain’t rocket science. One is always hearing people asking those that ‘have made it’ for advice, as if there is a magic formula and really all they need to do is ask themselves “have I really worked as hard as I could have done?” That’s all it takes…

    …that and a shit hot script 😉

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