What DID you do? Not what didn’t you!

It’s been a very difficult few months! Nearly four by my calculation – in which I have got very little writing done.

This is what happens, this is what life does and there is no need to get stressed or worked up about the little obstacles that life throws in your path. Or even the big ones and as you’ll all know life can throw some real humdingers from time to time.

When asked; a lot of writers will not be able to remember when they first started writing. Many of them though will relate an unfathomable need to write. “It was always there”, “I’ve never wanted to do anything else”, “I just can’t/couldn’t NOT write”! This goes hand-in-hand with an emotional build up that can, at times, be responsible for some of the less pleasant personality traits that writers are famous for.

As time passes and I don’t get to write (or at least get writing time) in the quantities I require/desire, I start to feel a ball of frustration filling up inside me. On the outside people will notice me getting snappy and irritable, falling into periods of melancholy and other less-than-appealing traits.

Yesterday this ball exploded! Luckily it was a controlled explosion (it was certainly never going to big enough to need to be sabotaged from the future) but an explosion none-the-less.

Since the summer holidays my structured writing day seems to have been obliterated and the months certainly took their toll on me. I should point out that whilst I can claim I’ve not had a study, which has led to children running round my feet whilst I work; that there has been redundancies in the household leaving those with lethargic self-esteem needing my attention every moment and on top of all this trying to move house. The only one who can be blamed for not getting any work done – is me!

However us precious writers don’t think like that when the utter frustrations of bottled-up words reaching bursting point. [Apologies to those in the blast zone]. I spent the day disassembling and reassembling furniture and moving rooms around until I once again created a study for myself. Today I have already completed a first draft of a short and got back to updating this website. Not to mention the email backlog that I’ve whittled away at.

I want to finish this blog with some really useful advice that my wife gave me (and strangely enough my driver instructor today). Ask yourself not ‘what have I not achieved’, but ‘what HAVE I achieved. It is a simple bit of pop-psychology, but no matter how badly the writing has been going if you sit down and list all the things you have done to improving your career or circumstances that could in turn improve your career, you will realise that you have in fact been working.

Anyway it’s a hell of a lot more healthy than moping!

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