Non Post – Post

Sorry for the radio silence.

This is not a post either, merely a slightly different crackle in the static. I’ve been crazy busy, not dead… I think.

I’m moving to the south coast so it’ll either be sun, sea and sand or being shat on by seagulls instead of pigoens. Anyway when I’ve finished spending all my time with school administrators, morgage brokers and estate agents I shall start spending time with you again.

2 Responses to “Non Post – Post”
  1. Do pigoens drive citroens?

    Heh. Got you back for the moths.

    Hope the move goes well. I know how utterly all-absorbing this kind of stuff is.

  2. kaisavage says:

    Very good.

    Reminds me of French lessons with Mrs Brinkworth. Andrew Churchill was fluent French and he would always wind her up… “Er what do you mean Miss? You just said ‘the black lemon drove away'”?

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