Phase II

Well here we go, the wait is over, drumroll please…

…I didn’t get into the National Film and Television School. I had an inkling I wouldn’t but of course I can’t deny that the hope was always there that I would.

I can come away from the whole experience with a very positive attitude though. To get an interview in itself is no mean feat and the interview went very well with regards to how my writing was received. That I can write I am no longer in any doubt. There were issues that came up in the interview that worried the panel somewhat. The distance I would have to travel, two years being unable to support a family etc. etc. and I’d like to think that is was these things that really swayed the verdict. Having said that I have asked if I can get a more in depth reasoning than simply ‘the competition was a very high standard this year’.

So its on with completing my portfolio before the years out and pushing to get that agent by next summer.

5 Responses to “Phase II”
  1. kaisavage says:

    Thanks buddy 🙂

  2. janice says:

    One of my MA teachers told me, if you’re gonna make it, you’ll make it regardless of the institution.

    But it’s a great place to go and there are heaps of opportunities and, haivng been rejected by them, I do know your pain.

    If you really want this, I would apply again. Remember, I got rejected twice and didn’t bother applying the third year and then got offered a place out of the blue. The impression I got when discussing this is that it is so competitive you get loads of people applying year after year and factors come into play such at the dynamics of the group, especially as I’m no 20 something.

    Did you only want to go to the NFTS or would you consider other places?

  3. kaisavage says:

    Having been to film school a few years back I don’t believe an institution is very important either. Certainly my career since film school has been almost entirely of my own making without the schools help or in many cases even using them as a significant part of my CV.

    I applied to the National for a couple of reasons. I have worked with a number of the students there now and like the place, but also I wanted to see if I could get an interview as a confidence booster.

    Having made it that far I’m obviously dissappointed I didn’t get in, but like you say its perseverance and hard work that lead to success. To answer your question, if I went back to school again it would only be there, simply because of the integration it has with the industry.

    My current project is to put my next short into production, so that should keep my mind on more positive things!

  4. janice says:

    Next year and your CV will be so much stronger. Good luckw ith the short.

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