Taking the Flak

I don’t know if any of you have caught the new BBC comedy Taking the Flak? I highly reccommend it, a wonderfully satirical look at newscrews (that’s News Crews rather than New Screws) in a fictional African country on the brink of civil war.

Talking of taking the flak, I want to add my own little quota of support to the wonderful and wonderfully put-upon James Moran. The five part Torchwood which was aired last week was possibly the best mass-audience television to have been made in a long long time. I was upset and saddened to see on his blog that he had received such awful comments for simply doing what every writer should do and make a story with real and important decisions for the characters. If each problem in a story has an easy option for the characters then there is no story. Well done to James and the team for create high drama of incredible quality.

You can read James opinion here.

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