How exactly does one quantify “several”?

Thank God I have things to write, anyone would think I’ve simply been staring at my email/letterbox for six weeks waiting to hear from the NFTS… ahem!

I must admit these last two weeks have had me on tenderhooks slightly as I was expecting the letter any moment. I’m kinda ‘over it’ now and have convinced myself of a million reasons why I won’t make the interview cut. Sorry that sounded very negative, actually it isn’t. I have a huge amount of faith in my script and my writing, but as I think back to my application form I don’t think I really got across my experience in as positive a fashion possible.

Thing is it’s true that I have things to write and getting stuck into those projects have really been helping to distract me from the wait and keep my life moving forward.

On the set of Ben Miller’s HUGE earlier this week and had a really good chat with the AD who also produces short films. He’s expressed an interest to look at some of my work so I’ve been spending this weekend brushing up one of my more recent shorts to send onto him. That and another recent project have put me slightly off schedule on my feature but not by much.

Anyway as for the wait… does anyone know how long “several weeks” actually is?

One Response to “How exactly does one quantify “several”?”
  1. several weeks: one week longer than you expect it to be.

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