Oh yes! I’m afraid so… is this good for my over-addictive personality?

At the moment I’m still wondering exactly what I’m going to get out of it. I can’t stand facebook, I haven’t touched my Myspace in over a year, I’m pretty much an old-fashioned email donkey, but well… I do respect Mr Stephen Fry and he kinda waxed lyrically about Twitter. More importantly he pointed out how much the press hated it.

After a couple of days getting to grips with it, I have sort of gauged that it could be as useful and exciting as Fry made it out to be… if one had friends. It’s all very well to claim dozens of people helped him remove at bat from his house minutes after posting his distress call, but he does have over 500, 000 followers or something stupid like that. As with most of these things I’m still a little uncertain as to who I’m talking to.

Still early days and it gives me yet another tool to distract myself from actually working.

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