Spring Clean

The physical representation of my brain is very well captured by the state of my writing fall-out. I have hard-drives full of folders full of documents full of ideas – usually one or two lines; just as I have boxes of papers with various scribblings under the bed, in the loft, round me Nan’s…

It really is time to sort through them and at least try to condense them.

I often panic that as I have gotten older my imagination has started to wain, but when I wade through the amount of crap that I accumulate over just a few months I realise that is not the case. Anyway, as is the case with most people, when I look back over stuff from my firey youth I realise it was a load of crap anyway, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to find a few pages of screenplay that I wrote about ten years ago.

As I read them I really didn’t believe they were mine and was wracking my brains trying to think whose witty dialogue it was, it took 15 minutes before it dawned on me that I had actually written it… shame the overall idea was crap.

Anyway as I dive into the nitty-gritty of the next script and more and more distractions tempt me away, I think organising those old ideas that have a possible future is one of the more forgivable ones.

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