The Waiting Zone

I’m in that worst of places at the moment… waiting on replies.

I currently have two scripts out in the big wide world and the hardest thing about it is trying not to put everything else on hold while I wait. The key of course is to plough on with my current script and try to forget about it.

My current script is progressing comfortably so far, I’m starting to get a grip on the three main characters and the plot is taking shape. At this stage in the writing I am forever changing things, it can at times feel like I’m not getting anywhere, because everything is constantly shifting. This is how I work though so I’m fine with that. I have an interesting structure for this script, which I like the idea of but at the moment it’s making certain things feel contrived. Like pushing a square peg in a round hole. However I think the structure has potential if I can shape it properly. I’ll persevere for now and if it’s really not working in a week I’ll have to rethink.

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