Planning the write

Today I officially begin on my third feature script and in order to ease into it gently all I need to do today is make up my working schedule.

And here it is:

First 3 weeks – 11th May – 31st May

Preparing the material – This time will be spent writing small essays on the characters, the setting, subjects surrounding the plot and various others. During all this time the writing will be helping me to hone in on the real story and eventually craft the loose structure that will become the script. By the 31st I should have a logline for my film.

Week 4 – 1st June – 7th June

Paradigm – I like being able to visualise structure so I find the ‘Paradigm’ in Syd Field’s Screenwriting a useful tool. Over the course of this week I shall structure the paradigm so that I have my beginning, plot points 1&2 and the ending.

Week 5 – 8th June – 14th June

Doing the Cards – By the end of the week I need to have the three acts plotted out onto the cards.

Weeks 6&7 – 15th June – 28th June

Act 1 – Two weeks to write the first ‘words on paper’ version of Act 1.

Weeks 8-11 – 29th June – 26th July

Act 2 – Four weeks to get the ‘words on paper’ version of Act 2 down.

Weeks 12&13 – 27th July – 9th August

Act 3 – Two weeks again to complete the ‘words on paper’ version of Act 3.

Weeks 14&15 – 10th August – 23rd August

Holiday – Oh how I’m going to enjoy this!

Week 16 – 24th August – 30th August

Read-throughs – A week of reading through the script and taking notes.

Weeks 17&18 – 31st August – 13th September

Mechanical Draft – Two weeks to go through the script and start the rewrite. Correcting dialogue, switching, adding, removing scenes etc.

Week 19 – 14th September – 20th September

Rest – One last breather to get a little distance before the final corrections.

Weeks 20&21 – 21st September – 4th October

Final rewrite – The last two weeks of the project in order to truly tidy the writing up; fine-tune that dialogue and making last minute adjustments.

Done job! Script number three.

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